Collider Starter

You want to be a Collider Starter? Awesome! Here's how it works!

Step 1: You send us a project you want to explore. Just fill out the form below! This makes you a Collider Starter!


Step 2: We build a team for you from our Collider Players! This will be 3 or 4 creatives. We will find creatives who best meet the criteria you set.

Step 3: We arrange a time and date for the session that suits the whole team! Once this is agreed you pay the ticket fee for the session.


Step 4: We have a 3 hour session which focuses on your project, giving you plenty of feedback and new creatives for your network!

Collider Player

You want to be a Collider Player? Great! Here's how it works!

Step 1: Send us your details letting us know your skills, and the type of projects you are looking to be in. You are now a Collider Player!


Step 2: We will be in touch when we find a project Collider Session that we think you are the perfect fit for! You can accept or turn down any project proposal we send you. You don't have to take them all!

Step 3: If you want to get involved in a Collider Session we pitch you, then we will work with you and the rest of the participants to find a date and time that works for everyone! This is where you pay the ticket fee.


Step 4: We have a focused 3 hour Collider Session working on a particular project. Network, share and flex your creative muscles!

Collider Starter

We want to know about you and your project so that we can make you the best possible team! 

Collider Player

Let us know if you want to be a Collider Player! Everything we are collecting here is to make sure we only contact you when appropriate to do so.

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