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The Movement CollideR

The Movement Colliders are a space to experiment with your movement focused ideas, and collaborate with creatives to bring them to life. 

Led by Movement Director Sean Hollands and Choreographer Aimee Leigh, the Movement Collider caters to anyone looking to explore movement for any creative practice. 

The session will begin with a training session. Looking at employing dance and performance techniques. Great for newbies and experienced movers!

We will then begin to spend time on submitted ideas looking at ways to explore different concepts through movement. On booking on the session you will be invited to send your idea to us ahead of time so that we can deliver a considered approach to your work. 

We welcome any form of idea. A scene, a piece of music, a request for choreography or exercise. Maybe you just want some more warm-up games, or exercises to help you train! You may even just need people to test an idea you want to lead, in which case we will be your collaborators. How we work is up to you!

Likewise if you just want to come along and play, then you are not required to send through anything at all!

We would love to see you at the next Movement Session. We have limited spaces on these workshops to make sure we give each idea appropriate space and time so book fast when we announce them!