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Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Fable Network News 10 is here! We've only gone and hit double digits! Pat on the back for us and a mighty hello to you! Thanks for visiting us at Fable Workshop, we hope you will find all the links we have pulled together helpful. Good luck with any opportunities that you apply for! Don't forget to share the opportunities within your own network!

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Leeds Playhouse Resident Designer Residency

Omnibus Theatre - Time/London/Identity Commission Call Out

Iris Theatre Outdoor Festival Call-Out

Nonsuch “Within” Project Call-Out

Extraordinary Bodies - Jerwood Creative Fellow Call Out

Tramshed Generator - Progression (Ages 16-25)

EPIC: DIY Blockbuster Challenge for Emerging Artists & Companies (Ages 16-25)

In Between Time - Producer Farm Residency 2021

I Like Networking with D&AD - Business Bootcamp Bursary Places

Theatre503 - 503Five Writers Residency 2021-2022,7856I,PB86TF,TA9HL,1

Additional Information

Leeds Playhouse Resident Designer Residency

Leeds Playhouse with tutti frutti are looking for a Resident Designer to work with them full time for one year from April 2021. This is an opportunity for an early stage Set & Costume designer who is locally rooted in Yorkshire. Meaning you were born/raised in Yorkshire or have chosen to live and work in the region. You also need to have experienced socio-economic hardship and/or be from a low-income background and/or identify as working class.

As part of the job you will have the opportunity to design smaller-scale productions with Leeds Playhouse and tutti frutti. You will get the opportunity to assist and shadow experienced designers on larger productions. You will receive additional support through training and mentoring through the scheme, and have access to the wider network of relationships that the companies have.

Annual Salary of £19,500 and model making expenses will be provided on top of salary.

To apply, head to the job descriptions and answer the questions listed there. You can answer in the format that best suits you. It can be written, video, audio or however you choose to answer. The deadline is Monday 15th February at 10am.

Please read the full guidance here for full information if you are interested.

Omnibus Theatre - Time/London/Identity Commission Call Out

Omnibus Theatre are looking for 4 LGBTQIA+ theatre makers to each lead a two hour online session exploring themes of TIME/LONDON/IDENTITY. Practitioners are free to explore these themes in any way they like and may pick to focus on just one of the themes, or two, or all three.

Sessions should be introductory “taster-sessions” of your chosen practice with a large emphasis on supporting mental wellbeing and reducing feelings of social isolation.

Sessions will be 2 hours long with 15-20 people between the ages of 18-25 who all identify as LGBTQIA+, but group members may not necessarily come from a theatre background. Omnibus are looking for 4 practitioners with really contrasting styles and differing approaches to form and style. Each artist will also lead each workshop twice for 2 different groups, but the sessions must be as accessible as possible, ie. should be able to work on a smartphone as well as a computer.

Fee: £400 - for 4hrs delivery in total. This fee includes planning and a brief evaluation.

Dates: Artists will be required for only 1 of the following weeks:

  • Week 1 - Monday 1st March 7pm–9pm & Sunday 7th March 2pm–4pm

  • Week 2 - Monday 8th March 7pm–9pm & Sunday 14th March 2pm–4pm

  • Week 3 - Monday 15th March 7pm–9pm & Sunday 21st March 2pm–4pm

  • Week 4 - Monday 22nd March 7pm – 9pm & Sunday 28 March 2pm – 4pm

To Apply: Write 250 words (max) on how you would use the session and what you hope the young people would get out of it. If you’d prefer to record your pitch, please send us a video of no more than five minutes. Send this and a CV to Felicity at felicity.paterson@omnibus- by 10am on 12 February. Please also fill in an equal opportunities form and send separately to

Iris Theatre Outdoor Festival Call-Out

Iris Theatre is holding an Outdoor Summer Festival this June - August. It is a celebration of early-career artists and their work. Iris is looking to give £1000 seed funding to 5 early-career artists/companies. The selected companies will receive additional technical support, marketing and creative support, for a one week run at the festival. The box office will also be a 50/50 split.

They are looking for work that can function in an outdoor space, have a simple function technical spec and a modest set. Performances will take place in the grounds of St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden.

They recommend keeping a few key elements in mind… Verse, Music, Family, Relevance. The work can also be at various stages of development. They are particularly keen to support work that hasn’t yet received a full production.

To apply you simply need to send a short video or email telling them about you/your company, what your idea is, and why this is a good opportunity for you at this stage of your career. Think overview rather than full pitch. Deadline is 15th March 2021 and should be sent to

If you would like to apply in any other format then please let the company know and they will be happy to consider it.

Nonsuch “Within” Project (Submission)

Company Name: Nonsuch Studios'WITHIN' is a new digital wellbeing promotion series comprising talks, workshops, panel discussions, Q&As and livestreams hosted by Nonsuch Studios. We’re looking for emerging and established practitioners who have something to share that they feel would have a cathartic benefit, for an audience who wants to try something new from the comfort and safety of their own home during lockdown. Nonsuch Studios is looking to commission 6 individual artists and practitioners to deliver a session themed around their chosen discipline, with a focus on wellbeing and mental health promotion. They may choose to showcase this through a live & interactive masterclass/workshop, or discuss through a structured TED-style talk/presentation followed by a Q&A. Successful applicants will be supported and paid to deliver the session and to work with a videographer to film and archive their session for future online audiences as part of the WITHIN web series. Sessions can be in any format that fits with the breakdown above but should aim to cover a maximum of 60 minutes worth of content, inclusive of time allocated for a Q&A if applicable. Applications can be made via their typeform. You will be asked to provide a brief description of your delivery proposal along with a delivery fee and completed budget breakdown, all found on the Nonsuch website. Fee: £40 per hour for one-off delivery (including planning & filming costs). Each applicant’s completed budget sheet will help us to better understand the requirements of your project and consider any additional costs/fees if appropriate to ensure that everyone is paid fairly and adequately for their time. dates and times : We will be running these sessions ONLINE on a monthly basis for the next 6 months Beginning in March 2021 Expression of Interest Deadline: Thursday 11th February 2021, 10am Successful applicants will be informed on Tuesday 16th February 2021WITHIN is designed to showcase the talents of emerging and established artists who don’t currently have a working relationship with Nonsuch Studios. We particularly want to welcome applications from artists from underrepresented groups, especially those who are Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse, D/deaf, disabled and/or LGBTQIA+

Extraordinary Bodies - Jerwood Creative Fellow Call Out

UK’s leading integrated circus company Extraordinary Bodies is one of 50 companies taking part in Jerwood Arts’ creative bursaries programme aimed at developing opportunities for artists and creatives from low socio-economic backgrounds, and applications to become their Jerwood Creative Fellow are now open.


  • Essential

  • Make work online or live but don’t necessarily make money from it yet

  • Following a pathway into the arts with a way of thinking unique to you

  • Interested in Extraordinary Bodies’ way of devising shows

  • Important:

  • From a low socio-economic background

  • Not seeing many people like you on screen, stage or media

  • Finding the way things are set up is making it hard to get more experience and training

  • Official:

  • At the start of your working life (2-5 years out of school, college or university)

  • Out of full time education (12 hours a week or more of formal study)

The Deal:

  • £17,520 salary based on a 4 day working week, for a 12 month contract starting March 2021 (flexible starting date.) Place of work will also be flexible due to contemporary government guidelines. Extraordinary Bodies has offices in Dorset, Bristol, London and Brighton.

  • You will receive:

  • A role in active EB projects, in particular ‘What Am I Worth?’ and ‘Delicate, Splash!’

  • Time to make new performance material live or online, for and with Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists

  • Mentoring and professional development

  • Access to a freelance support producer

  • The chance to collaborate with the Extraordinary Bodies artistic team

  • Specific Access Requirements

  • You will give:

  • You’ll challenge how EB go about finding new artistic collaborators.

  • You’ll amplify testimonies of human worth from people who are often side-lined and create your own response

  • You’ll collaborate on how unique voices and stories appear digitally both in their show Human (working title) and around it.

  • You’ll develop your own work – maybe in an online exhibition, podcast or short film – to show alongside shows live and online

  • You’ll create a monthly blog or vlog or podcast sharing your journey with EB, the communities and the show with a wider audience.

To apply, You will need to fill in the application form on their website, as well as a monitoring form and access audit. As part of your application, you will be asked to share a 5 minutes recording (audio or video), telling them about:

  • Two things you want to see more of and two things you want to see less of in the arts – for example in theatre, TV, film or audio.

  • Also, two things you want to learn about bringing your creative ideas to life.

  • Finally, any structural barriers you face. For example they might be to do with the social status and oppression of members of the population in particular economic, class, race or disability group (please do not feel that you must share personal or confidential information).

Deadline is February 22nd 2021 for a March start. See website for full application details and timetable.

Tramshed Generator - Progression (Ages 16-25)

Tramshed is looking for 8 emerging companies / artists to present a 10 minute work-in-progress piece of digital work. As part of a scratch night on Friday 19th March. It can be any type of performance using any digital platform.

The companies should have an age range of 16-25 or at least 50% of the company should be in this age range. They are keen to develop relationships with artists/ companies that might be interested to take part in their festival Digitally Charged taking place in 2022.

Successful companies will receive a £100 honorarium, mentoring, and technical support. There will be a tech / dress rehearsal the week of the 15th March with the performance on the 19th March.

Deadline for submissions is Friday 12th February at 12 noon. To apply, complete the application form listed above. Interviews will take place on Tuesday 16th February. If you have additional questions email:

EPIC: DIY Blockbuster Challenge for Emerging Artists & Companies (Ages 16-25)

Tramshed is additionally looking for 4 emerging artists / companies to create a 15 minute digital performance inspired by a known narrative performed in a domestic set-up. The product can be performed live, pre-recorded or a mixture of both.

An example could be a Bond film in your living room. Performed using DIY props and puppets.

The work will be shared on Tramsheds social media platforms on 26th March. If applying as a company, at least 50% of the company needs to be ages 16-25.

If you are selected you will get £400, mentoring, technical and marketing support.

You will need to meet the following milestones through the process

Script / Storyboard completed week commencing 8th March

Initial sharing week commencing 15th March

Second sharing and Technical Rehearsal week commencing 22nd March

Present on Friday 26th March at 9am

The deadline is Friday 26th February at 12 noon. Interviews will take place 2nd March. If you have additional questions then email:

In Between Time - Producer Farm Residency 2021

In Between Time are offering a week-long residency for creative producers who have been working professionally in any field of contemporary performance for 10-15 years. The ‘Producer Farm’ will take place at Coombe Farm Studios in Devon from 20-25th June 2021.

The residency offers

• Structured learning from inspiring professionals

• Dedicated time to reflect on and refresh your ideas & practice

• Networking and discussion with peers and senior industry professionals

• A beautiful rural environment, dedicated to growing creativity

Who is it for?

We have ten free places for Producers are based in the UK and who:

• Have been working professionally in any field of contemporary performance for 10-15 years.

• Have a strong desire to expand their capacity and capabilities as creative producers

• Are excited by reaching audiences through the power and quality of new work

• Are open to new ideas and sharing with their peers

Deadline is 12pm on Monday 15th March 2021. Head to the website for full details and guidance documents.

I Like Networking with D&AD - Business Bootcamp Bursary Places

I Like Networking in partnership with D&AD are offering 2 bursary places on a Business Start-Up Course. The course is an entrepreneurial Bootcamp for anyone looking to turn a creative idea into a business reality.

There are 4 sessions taking place between the 4th March and 31st March, at 6pm - 8pm.

The sessions are broken into:

Think It - The basics of business models and the foundations of creating a successful enterprise.

Feel It - This is about finding the resilience to work on complex and demanding business ideas. It’s all about giving you tips on how to be productive.

Make It - What do you need to bring the business to life?

Fund It - This is about finding out how to make money for your business and how to deliver a winning pitch.

You will also get an additional 11 months of access to content and a peer group chat.

To apply, fill out the application form which is linked above. The deadline is 19th February 2021 at 5pm. You need to be 18+ and need to be able to commit to all the dates in the programme.

Theatre503 - 503Five Writers Residency 2021-2022,7856I,PB86TF,TA9HL,1

Applications are open for Theatre503’s 503Five writers residency. The 503Five is an 18 month residency supported by the Carne Trust and Orseis Trust offering writers the opportunity to find their creative home at Theatre503, develop work and experience being at the heart of a new writing theatre. This scheme is designed for writers who have developed their craft to a high standard but are not yet professionally produced. They define “professionally produced” as a full-length play of more than 65 minutes that has been produced professionally for 4 weeks or more in any theatre.

The residency will offer writers a seed commission of £2,000, a series of masterclass workshops, peer to peer support, industry connections, R&D processes, dramaturgical support, and opportunities to have work staged.

Whilst this opportunity is open to writers across the UK, Theatre503 is based in South London the hope is that the participants would be willing and able to regularly be at Theatre503 throughout their time on the 503Five. A contribution towards expenses may be available for travel to London during the residency, which can be discussed once an offer has been made.

“We intend to continue to explore digital engagement where possible to widen access, while balancing the need for in person engagement once it is safe to return to our theatre. To make you aware Theatre503 operates from the middle floor of a Victorian building that we do not own. We are having ongoing conversations with our landlords about how we might be able to make our venue more accessible but currently there is no lift access to our office and theatre.”

Deadline to apply is Midday on Monday March 15th 2021.

To apply: download and fill out the application form on their website and submit through their script submission page under the 503Five option on their submission type. You must also attach a 10-page sample of your work that you feel best reflects your writing, as well as a completed equal opportunities form.

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