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Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Fable Network News 13! Even with the best laid plans we weren't able to get back to live-streaming this week, we want to make sure we are bringing back a new format which is going to be something awesome. So we are taking the time to get it right. However that's not going to stop us bringing you some more theatre opportunities!

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In Good Company - Take Off 2021

Cast in Doncaster - Call out for EOIs for paid writing project

LIFT Artist Advancement Programme - Concept- Touring

ThickSkin Writers Opportunity - Call Out

Akram Khan Company - Artist Development

Paul Hamlyn Foundation - Ideas and Pioneers Fund

Marlowe Theatre - Artist Commission Call Out

Siobhan Davis - Artist Chats with Movement Practitioners and Dance Artists

Additional Information

In Good Company - Take Off 2021

In Good Company are once again launching their Take Off programme for emerging, midlands-based writers in 2021. We’ve previously touched on the Take Off prize, highlighting their search for an Assistant Director for last year’s winning entry, Oh For Fucks Sake (I’m In Love With You) by Samson Hawkins. Now the search begins again to find a midlands-based writer looking to develop a new piece of work.

This opportunity incorporates:

  • £1000 writer’s fee

  • Opportunity to workshop the piece with a director

  • Opportunity to workshop the piece with two actors

  • A week of rehearsal space at Arena Theatre with informal sharing

  • A week of rehearsal space at Nottingham Playhouse with an informal sharing.

And In Good Company are looking for:

  • A completed script lasting 45-60 minutes (although this may not be the final draft).

  • For 1-2 actors.

  • A writer who has some experience of writing for stage although may never have had a full production of their work.

  • Someone who is willing to receive feedback on their writing and wanting to develop their craft significantly.

Deadline for applications: 12 Noon on Friday 19th March 2021

Key Dates

Development Session: Wednesday 21st April 2021

Workshop week for shortlisted writer at Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton: W/C 7th June 2021

Workshop week for shortlisted writer at Nottingham Playhouse: W/C 14th June 2021

To apply: Send 10 pages of your script, along with a short synopsis of the full play (max 200 words) to (please include contact details, including phone number, email address and postal address).

Cast in Doncaster - Call out for EOIs for paid writing project

Between June and August 2021, Cast and Public Acts will tour an interactive pop-up theatre adventure from a mobile van. The Fabulous, Radically Inclusive Engine of Doncastrian Adventures (a.k.a. Frieda) will visit neighbourhoods and community events around Doncaster, inviting residents to gather, play, learn, contribute and enjoy. As such they are seeking a professional writer of text for performance to join the creative team to shape the form and content of the story that is written on this journey.

Whether you’re a playwright with experience in crafting stories for outdoor performances, a spoken word artist working with poetry, or you come from an improvisation and devising background, Cast are looking to hear from anyone who can creatively collaborate to create text in public spaces. Due to the local pop-up nature of the production, Cast are particularly keen to hear from people based in South Yorkshire, although they welcome applicants from any part of Yorkshire.

The role includes:

  • Planning meetings with the director

  • A short R+D process

  • Writing time, including input from community members in Doncaster

  • Developing the script as the project evolves, either by attending stops on Frieda’s community tour, or by incorporating ideas that are fed back to you

The project fee is £3,100 and will be paid in instalments. A contribution to travel costs will also be available.

To apply: submit a short Expression of Interest detailing the following points to by 9am on 10th March

  • Why you are interested in this opportunity

  • In what ways you a good fit for this project

  • A description of a past project that you worked on as a writer that you believe is most relevant to this project

  • Please also include your full name, contact number and postcode

This can be done in writing (no more than three quarters of a page) or via video (no more than 2 minutes.) If neither formats work for you then you can also contact them in advance to find a solution that works for you. You can also submit ONE example of past work to support your expression of interest (written text, an audio file, link to website, video etc). Please send large files either via WeTransfer or Dropbox. This is not necessary for your application to be considered.

Head to their website to read the full terms and conditions, as well as all the information about their 3 stage application process.

LIFT Artist Advancement Programme - Concept- Touring

LIFT is launching a commissioning programme for artists to develop concepts for international touring projects with little or no human travel. Concept- Touring is an online residency and commissioning project where groups of artists can develop or adapt ideas and explore new ways to work, tour, exhibit and collaborate internationally in an environment where the idea, process, and work, travels but the artist does not.

As part of their Artist Advancement series intended to strengthen ties between UK and international artists, LIFT are seeking a mix of artists from the UK and abroad (roughly 50/50 split) to take part in this Concept- Touring project.

Concept- Touring involves:

  • International collaboration with minimal travel and always within strict COVID regulations.

  • Collaboration between international and local artists, or artists and communities working remotely

  • Relays between artists and audiences in different locations.

  • Collaboration and performance that happens in physical, digital realms or a hybrid of both.

  • Recalling what the benefits of touring are to you, your practice and audiences, and devising new ways to re-manifest this.

Eight artists will receive a £2,500 commission to participate in the residency, which is designed to focus on developing ambitious new ways to work internationally. Artists will be paired with mentor artists and dramaturgs to help work on their project.

The frame of the residency:

  • The Residency begins with an immersion week, 19-23rd April 2021, 2-4 hours sessions per day. The exact schedule to be announced based on the participant’s time zones.

  • The Residency will be held on Zoom.

  • Then artists will have 2 follow up meetings with their mentor during April – June.

  • Show and tell on 1 July 2021.

What do you get?

  • Dramaturgical sessions with an international mentor.

  • £2,500 commission fee.

  • 1-week immersion week in this kind of art-making.

  • Time to work on your project or concept.

  • Membership in a cohort of UK and international artists also hatching ideas around this kind of work.

  • Support from Kris Nelson, LIFT Artistic Director and members of the LIFT team, and experts in technology or community engagement or whatever else you might need.

  • Accessibility support as needed (BSL, disability access, translation, other.)

  • Support bringing the project from the idea-stage to its next phase – that could be a draft, first glimpse, pitchable concept, beta model or staging.

LIFT is looking for ideas to be hatched during this residency. This can take the form of creating a pitch, or research that can be prevented, anything that has a tangible benefit towards approaching partners/producers/funding that could take it to the next stage and make it real.

LIFT stresses that this opportunity is for people with experience in touring internationally, rather than undergraduate-level or emerging artists. It is also not intended to support writers looking for translation support for their work.

To apply, follow the link on their website and complete the Google Form by 23.59 GMT on Friday 19th March 2021. Head to the website for full details of this project as there is a lot of information to process before applying.

ThickSkin Writers Opportunity - Call Out

ThickSkin and Lawrence Batley Theatre are delighted to announce a paid* commission to an early career writer, based in West Yorkshire. This is an opportunity to collaborate with ThickSkin’s Artistic Director, Neil Bettles, towards an innovative new digital project taking place in Huddersfield.

(*Fees follow ITC/WGGB recommended rates for digital commissions.)

To apply for this opportunity, head to the webpage and complete the form with your name, email address and an example of your writing. This could be a script sample or an extract of prose, poetry or any other written work that you are proud of (maximum 3,000 words).

ThickSkin are especially interested to receive submissions from writers who are usually under-represented in UK theatre.

For more information contact, or submit via the form.


Akram Khan Company - Artist Development

Akram Khan (& Company) has developed an Artist-development programme to provide support and mentoring to three UK-based dance artists. This 6-month programme will give them the rare opportunity to investigate stories and themes from their own work as part of a research & development (R&D) phase, before delving into their creative process.

Artists will receive:

  • A financial subsidy of £6,000 each towards the R&D of their work/research/specific project

  • One-to-one mentoring sessions with Akram Khan and AKC Creative Associate Mavin Khoo throughout the 6-month mentoring period

  • The support of AKC office staff through one-to-one or small group sessions

  • Invitations to attend two collective sessions in London (May 2021 and November 2021 TBC) organised by AKC to bring them together to observe Akram’s R&D and Company projects and to develop collective mentoring and shared practice as a dance artists cohort. These sessions will allow mentees artists to network with other international artists and creatives.

In order for an application to be considered, the artist must comply with the following criteria:

  • Being a dance artist developing work on their own body

  • Being UK based

  • Having at least 3 years of professional experience

  • Artist’s body of work revolves around one of the following themes: Gender fluidity, our relationship to nature, sense of belonging and identity

There is no age limit for this programme, as AKC are keen to hear from all different generations of artists.

To Apply, head to their website and follow the link to a Google Form, which must be completed by 15th March. Interviews will be conducted between 15th-30th March.

Paul Hamlyn Foundation - Ideas and Pioneers Fund

Not theatre-based, but The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is providing grants of up to £15,000 to support people with a vision of a better society to explore their ideas for change through research and development.

They are looking for:

  • Applications that focus on early stages of exploring ideas. This will mean that your activities will help you figure out the things you don’t know. This might include testing, scoping, research, prototyping and piloting.

  • Innovative ideas – ideas or approaches that are new to the contexts in which you’re hoping to work in or the issue you’re hoping to change.

  • People who have the potential to create change – someone who understands the area they want to work in and the people they want to work with, and who has a vision to help build a better society. We’re not looking for a track record of experience, but pioneers who can shape the future.

They are also especially keen to hear from young applicants between 18-30 years old, who have never applied for funding before, and who herald from any background. Applicants can be individuals, groups of up to three people, or organisations with up to five permanent employees.

Important note: The foundation does specify that it will not fund the production of a work of art (including podcasts, films, blogs, documentaries, plays or books). This is strictly for the development of a project or programme that seeks to explore ideas of societal change and build a better society. If you are unsure on whether something you hope to create would count as a work of art, you can contact the foundation before making your application.

To apply, head to their website and submit the following:

  • A short written application answering six key questions that can be downloaded in advance.

  • At this stage, you don’t need a detailed budget, you will only need to describe how you would spend the money. For any salary costs, please explain how these have been calculated.

  • A two-minute video that follows their guide and allows them to get to know you better

  • An equalities Questionnaire.

All application guides and information, as well as their detailed criteria for what they do and do not fund is available on their website. Click the orange buttons to begin your application.

As this is a year-round funding body, there is no deadline for your application.

Marlowe Theatre - Artist Commission Call Out

The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury are looking to connect with the theatre makers in the South East.

They are seeking artists whose work responds to the recent challenges of our times, reflects current society, and finds innovative ways to connect with audiences.

Submissions are open to all South East based theatre-makers, and they are particularly interested to hear from those currently under-represented in the industry as a result of barriers arising from social, gender, sexuality, financial, ethnic, cultural, religious, geographical, disability or educational disadvantage.

The successful projects/artist proposal will:

• Be made by a south-east based or born artist or company (Kent/East Sussex/Essex/Medway/Thurrock).

• Demonstrate a connection to the region with themes that resonate.

• Demonstrate a well thought through proposal that responds to the brief

• Demonstrate that ideas are being developed with a diverse team.

They are offering:

• Seed funding up to £1000 to support development, which should cover all associated costs of developing an idea for a week including artist fees, materials & production costs (if required).

• Space in The Marlowe Studio (Canterbury) or The Mercury Rehearsal Studio (Colchester) for one week (max 40 hours) between April – August 2021. Dates and location to be agreed with successful applicants.

• Option to informally share and reflect on the process with a trusted invited group if needed.

• Option of having a critical eye at points that suit

• Mentoring and support from The Marlowe & The Mercury teams.

How to apply:

Please send your proposal (no more than two sides of A4 or five minute video) to with:

• An overview of your relevant experience and work to date

• An overview of the project idea you propose to develop with this support. Include thoughts on potential scale and scope of work.

• A paragraph on how this work is being developed in response to the call out above and why this development should happen now.

• A paragraph on how this support will benefit ongoing artistic practice.

• An indicative budget demonstrating how the commission funds will be spent.

Deadline: Please submit proposals by 9am on Monday 22 March 2021.

Shortlisted proposal candidates will be invited to pitch their idea to the selection panel on Wednesday 31 March 2021. The successful commissions will be confirmed by the Monday 5 April 2021.

Siobhan Davis - Artist Chats with Movement Practitioners and Dance Artists

Co-Artistic Directors Annie and Kat at Siobhan Davis Studios are reaching out to artists. Siobhan Davies Studios are seeking movement practitioners & dance artists who want to riff on ideas for a forthcoming programme called Both/And.

Both/And is a programme that aims to promote encounters between artists and local communities.

They are looking for 10 artists of any age, and at any stage in their career, who:

Want to make art that happens in communities more visible and valued.

Want to talk to about what is needed.

Want to share experiences of working within local communities including but not limited to:

  • groups/individuals who share commonality in lived experiences, age or circumstances

  • groups/individuals who could be described as vulnerable

  • young people outside of their formal education settings

  • care settings

A fee of £200 is available per artist. This will include one 2-hour online group session, plus some emails/ communication before and after. Additional funds are available for access support.

Deadline for call out: Mon 19 April for the online session on Mon 26 April

If you’re interested in talking to us then please fill out this short form.

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