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Thanks for joining us! We have another week of opportunities to throw your way and there are a number that we are really excited about! So make sure you take a look and share them with your fellow collaborators! Good luck and have a great week!

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The Headlines

The Notnow RIGHTNOW Digital Micro-commissions

Who is it for? Performance artists who identify as migrant or with migrant heritage with a connection to parenting or caring.

Location: UK (Online)

What’s happening?

  • Migrant-led company Notnow Collective are offering 3x £700 micro-commissions to inspire artists in playful exploration in a digital medium, to rethink how you make work, and how your audiences engage with it.

  • They want to support new ideas (completely new or existing ideas with no current end product) for playful digital work that focuses on parenting or caring during lockdown; as well as work that explores language, family separation and international travel bans.

  • As well as cash to kickstart creative thinking, they will also help with further funding and provide a platform for sharing your RIGHTNOW commission.

Deadline: Friday 9th April


Manchester Collective - Northern Voices Artists / Writers Call-out

Who is it for? Greater Manchester-based artists (any discipline) and writers who are able to use music as a point of inspiration for their work.

Location: Greater Manchester

What’s happening?

  • Manchester Collective are looking to commission three artists from diverse disciplines to become part of an expanding network of artistic collaborators.

  • Each selected artist will receive a £750 fee and support from the team in the realisation of their proposed idea. They are flexible about the artistic form and format that this commission will take - whether performance, visual art, dance or photography etc.

  • They are also commissioning 3 Manchester-based writers for £250 commissioned features exploring the writers' own experiences of arts, music and culture in the North of England, in collaboration with Salt Magazine.

Deadline: Monday 5th April


PackPack Theatre - R&D call-out for Queer Performers and Embedded Critic

Who is it for? Queer performers with acting experience and experience of making solo cabaret performance + one collaborator with experience in writing about the arts and long form critical writing.

Location: London (And Online)

What’s happening?

  • PackPack theatre are hosting 10 days of R&D between April and June for their upcoming production: The Cabaret at the End of the World, exploring queer voices within the Climate Justice movement.

  • They are seeking 6 queer performers to take part both online and in person over a series of sessions for a fee of £1000 (£100 per day). Extra access support funding is available for D/deaf or disabled applicants.

  • They are also seeking a writer to observe and provide a written response to the R&D process of around 1000-1500 words for a fee of £300 (2 days in-the-room observation.)

Deadline: Wednesday 31st March


Creative Estuary Project Call Out

Who is it for? Artists Living in the South Essex area

Location: South Essex

What’s happening?

This summer Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch is leading a new collaborative project which aims to tour to community venues. The production is looking to work with creative practitioners from the area to help make the project. If you are based in the district of Thurrock, Casstlepoint, Southend on Sea and Basildon, or the south of the Brentwood district and you are interested, then email:

  • with the heading “Creative Estuary project callout”

  • Explain why you want to make work in the area you live in and attach a CV

Deadline: Wednesday 31st March


LAUNCHPAD from Wildcard and The Watermill Theatre

Who is it for? Emerging Theatre Companies

Location: London or Bagnor (at venues)

What’s happening? Launchpad is a brand new artist development programme to support emerging theatre companies. They are looking for companies that would benefit from development time on a new piece of work. 4 companies will receive:

  • Up to £2000 cash injection

  • A week of free rehearsal space at either Wildcard Studios or The Watermill Theatre

  • Artistic/Dramaturgical Support

  • Producing Support

The development time should take place between May-June

Deadline: 5pm on Thursday 1st April


STAMP Connects Online

Who is it for? Any artists looking to meet venues and organisations

Location: Online

What’s happening? Presented by the Stamp Network, this is a three day programme where artists can attend panels and speak directly to venues and organisations that participate in professional development. The programmes features discussions about:

  • Digital performance and Audience development

  • Funding for independent artists

There's also an online marketplace where you can book 10 minute chats with STAMP organisations The event is Pay What you Can

Time: Tuesday 30th March - Thursday 1st April from 10am - 2.30pm


Arch 468 Hope Prize 2021

Who is it for? Writers

Location: Arch 468

What’s happening?

Arch 468 are offering a £10,000 commission for a play that offers a vision of hope for now and the future. They would like the play to be mid-scale and suitable for both live and digital production. Arch468 will then professionally produce the selected play, as well as offer ongoing R&D resources and dramaturgical support for the production. Check out their website for details on how to apply and things to consider when making an application.

Deadline: 5pm on Monday 29th March


Experienced Theatre Practitioners Early Playwriting Award

Who is it for? Practitioners who work in the theatre and have an interest in writing

Location: Finborough Theatre

What’s happening?

Finborough Theatre in collaboration with the Experienced Theatre Practitioners Early Playwriting Trust is offering a £6,000 prize and support for a new piece of work. This is an award for practitioners who have worked in other areas of theatre that have never had a written text professionally produced in any capacity. Meaning they are NOT looking for applications from playwrights, this is an award for those looking to begin that pathway. As well as the top prize there will be 10 runner-up prizes of £300.

Deadline: 11pm on Friday 30th April


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