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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Fable Network lucky number 7! It's another week for some fantastic opportunities, from castings to job opportunities they are all here. We are approaching the half way point of the UK lockdown and morale across the country is pretty low, we are hoping this dosage of creative opportunities is going to put a spring back in to your step! Thanks for joining us, now go get those links!

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Choreodrome 2021 - Dance Residency

Guildhall School: DISRUPT Festival

Jozara Training with Sam Dunstan - (Financial Assistance Workshops)

Undone Theatre Casting Call

Oak Circus Centre Residency

BRILLIANT 2021 part of Lumiere Festival

Orange Tree Theatre Writers Collective

Magic Me: Inside Out 2021

CEDA Arts Micro Commissions

Additional Information

Choreodrome 2021 - Dance Residency

The Place are launching their annual Choreodrome dance residencies again, to take place in the summer of 2021. This year they are asking the questions:

  • How can dance help us respond to the big questions facing society?

  • How can both live and online dance experiences create new connections between audiences and participants?

  • How are fruitful relationships between audiences, artists and organisations maintained deepened and expanded?

  • What can new models of sustainability and ethical stewardship of resource look like in the cultural sector?  

With these questions in mind, they are inviting artists to apply for the Choreodrome Research Residencies, to take place between Monday 19th July - Sunday 19th September. These residencies are designed to allow artists who may be interested in exploring these questions in their work to develop their own choreographic work or ideas.

Artists will receive between 1-2 weeks of studio space at The Place as well as £1200 to develop their work, however there is no pressure to deliver a finished product by the end of the residency. This residency is open to artists of any discipline with choreography and movement at its core. However you must be based in the UK and have a piece of work you wish to develop. If you are a hip-hop artist, they also have a dedicated Artists 4 Artists Residency designed to offer more support to hip-hop theatre creatives, full details of which you can find alongside the Research Residency on their website.

There are 16 places available on the Research Residency throughout the summer, so visit the website for full details and get your applications in by midnight on Monday 25th January 2021.

Guildhall School: DISRUPT Festival

This is a brand new digital arts festival taking place between 8th-9th July 2021. The festival seeks to explore the performing arts has supported communities during the pandemic, and how disruption has encouraged new ways of working. The festival is open to communities, community organisations, researchers, creatives, artists, charities and art organisations. Applications must be co-written between at least one community partner and creative partner.

There are 3 strands to the open call:

  1. Community Commissions - this is a call for performance projects that respond with the pandemic and its consequences. It should stem from an idea that your community wants to make. You can apply for up to £5000 for this commission and that can be the full funding or part funding.

  2. Tools and Tactics - This is a call out to share new collaborative skills that have been learnt in response to the pandemic. This could be about how you have adapted to include community input, how support was offered, or redefining an organisations purpose. The outcome of the commission is up to you, panel discussion, workshop, film, written piece, interview, however you can best share the skills. You can apply for up to £1000 for this commission

  3. Alternative Futures - This strand is about opening up spaces to explore what needs to change in order to harness our learning towards community collaboration. The proposal should consider what change you would like to see made and how to creatively share it with an audience. This could be a talk, a piece of writing, workshops, anything you want. You can apply for up to £1000 for this commission

The deadline is the 30th January at noon. You apply using the online form on the website. There is a word document version you can download to draft your application. You also need to upload a budget using their template.

If you need help securing a partner organisation, arts or charity, then contact the team at Guildhall and they will try and help to partner up organisations interested in applying.

Jozara Training with Sam Dunstan

Relentlessly helpful friend of the show, Sam Dunstan, is delivering a series of lectures and refresher seminars for emerging artists dedicated to covering all of the nitty-gritty topics that surround creating a theatre company and financing work. He is giving a series of 3 online seminars in which he will cover “admin, finance, tax returns, budgets, self-discipline, productivity, registering a company, talking about yourself and much MUCH more!”

All seminars are on Tuesdays (26/01/21 - 02/02/21 - 09/02/21) 5:30-7:30pm

  • Session 1: Getting to know yourself

  • This will give you the tools to be able to confidently talk about yourself and present your work.

  • How to write personal artistic statements

  • And how to explore different methods of self analysis.

  • Session 2: Company of One

  • This covers balancing different disciplines in running a business and the many different hats one has to wear eg: performance, sales, administration, marketing.

  • Also covers the different ways to register a company in the UK

  • Ways of thinking about balancing your time efficiently

  • Learning how to remain creative whilst paying the bills.

  • Session 3: Money Money Money

  • This session will cover everything you need to know about tax returns, finances and funding applications.

  • How to fill in your tax return and what you should declare

  • Tips and techniques for developing a company budget

  • Making your budget attractive to funding bodies.

Price: £6.50 for one session or you can book them all for £15. Head to the link on the Cast website to book.

Undone Theatre Casting Call

Undone Theatre are seeking two queer-identifying actors between the ages of 18-30 to perform in their upcoming project Selected Recordings of Us. This is a paid opportunity in line with ITC rates.

The story is written by two queer-identifying writers and so they want this reflected in the produciton. The sotry focuses on storytelling, authenticity and queer identity.

Actors should be available 6th May - 29th May 2021. For development days, rehearsals and a week run. You can audition by sending in a self-tape delivering one of the monologues found in the information pack on the website. Audition deadline is 31st January 2021 at noon. Callbacks will be held on the 6th and 7th February. More information can be found on the website and if you require more support or require the information pack in any other format, please email to the team at Undone Theatre.

Oak Circus Centre Residency

The Oak Circus Centre in Norwich is celebrating its 5th Anniversary by supporting 2 residency places in collaboration with Lost in Translation circus. 2 spaces of 1 week / 10 days of creation time to circus/dance/theatre in the UK to develop a new circus or combined arts show.

The residency is completely free, with Oak Circus subsidising the space and offering technical and administrative support whilst Lost in Translation will be on hand to help with any rigging design or mentoring. However, they cannot offer any reimbursement or payment.

They are looking for residencies to take place in May/June time depending on COVID restrictions and you can ask for more application information by sending them an email at to direct messaging them on facebook.

BRILLIANT 2021 part of Lumiere Festival

BRILLIANT 2021 is part of the Lumiere festival which is An Artichoke Project running from 18th - 21st November 2021 in the city of Durham. BRILLIANT is a commission for anyone over the age of 18 to pitch an idea which uses light in a creative way. This year the commission has been opened to anyone in the UK.

You don’t need to be an artist to apply, just have an idea and be over 18. They are particularly keen to hear from you if you are based in the North East of England or local to Durham. They would also like to hear from those who identify as Black, a Person of Colour, d/Deaf, or disabled. As they are currently under-represented in the BRILLIANT alumni.

The idea can be anything you want, but it should be something that is important to you, and needs to use light as a central component. It doesn’t need to be huge, it should be something that can be added to the everyday life of Durham.

You can propose a location for your installation but it isn’t essential. It also should not be a site that isn’t already booked by other artists which will include major landmarks such as Durham Castle or the Cathedral. Think about using more intimate locations.

If your idea is chosen you win a £1000 fee and £7000 towards materials for your installation. You will also be supported by the team at Artichoke who will also manage the costs of event management and security for your work.

To apply, complete the application form on the website by 9am, 11th February 2021. If you would like the application form in a different format please contact the team at Artichoke.

There are multiple stages to the selection process so make sure you check out the full information pack, which also includes tips for inspiration and the selection criteria.

Orange Tree Theatre Writers Collective

Orange Tree Theatre is looking for 3 writers and 1 dramaturg to join the OT’s Writers Collective and explore their craft together. Writers will be given the opportunity to develop an idea for a new play, with the support of the OT creative team, whilst the dramaturg will have the opportunity to support these artists in working on their ideas and shadow other works being developed by Orange Tree where available. Artists will also receive Masterclasses delivered by pioneering practitioners.

The project is aimed at writers who have written at least one play that has been heard by an audience in any context - including public rehearsed reading or as a fringe production. As such it is not an “introduction to playwriting” course, but rather a programme with the aim of helping emerging writers take their next steps into the industry.

They are also looking to hear from aspiring dramaturgs looking to grow their skills in developing new theatre. Applications should be able to demonstrate an interest in supporting artists, but do not necessarily need any prior experience in ‘dramaturgy’. Rather they are thinking of dramaturgy as the craft of supporting artists to make their work safely and authentically.

All successful applicants will also receive a £1000 bursary to support their work. Main sessions of the programme will be delivered on Monday evenings, held via Zoom, from March to December 2021.

Applications close on January 22nd 2021. Applications for both roles involve completing a respective application form, equal opportunities form and sending in a CV, but writers will also need to submit a 10 page extract of your work. All forms and information can be found on Orange Tree Theatre’s website.

Magic Me: Inside Out 2021

Magic Me is seeking 3 artists to take part in its Inside Out 2021 project. Artists will be paired with care professionals from care homes in Waltham Forest, East London to work together in collaboration.

The aim is for the artists to work collaboratively with care professionals to experiment with new and creative approaches to improve the daily life and culture at care homes. This is for artists who have a focus on inclusion, can work independently, and specialise in collaboration. You will work with the care professionals to target a central question which you will explore through the course of the project. E.g “How can we support our staff experiencing grief?”

Artists will use the time to explore and test ideas, eventually leading to an evaluation of the project's findings. Findings will then be shared with partner organisations, creatives, and other influential figures from the arts and care sector.

The artists would work from 20 days between March - July 2021 and will be paid £245 a day. The exact timetable is to be worked out with the partners. You would also receive £1500 towards material costs.

To apply you need to answer the questions listed in the brief which is found on the website. You can submit in writing or via a video message. The deadline is 10am 8th February 2021.

CEDA Arts Micro Commissions

CEDA Arts are offering 2 micro-commissions of £500 to d/Deaf or disabled artists or a groups of artists that include at least one d/Deaf or disabled artist. They are open to hearing from artists of any artform, and hope that through this programme can extend their creative network for future projects.

Artists are invited to propose work that is to be presented and shared online, but they are also interested to hear how the work could be shared in a physical location after lockdown. They want to showcase new work that engages and challenges audiences.

The Proposal needs to respond to the following theme:

“Reimagining the Normal: How would you like the post-pandemic world to be? Is this an opportunity to challenge what ‘normal’ is? What are your thoughts about this time, and how can you use your ideas to imagine a better future?” To apply you need to email with your proposal and information about yourself or organisation. You can also ask for an additional budget on top of the £500 if you require money for access costs or materials. When you apply make sure you detail this in the budget. You can apply in writing or video and the deadline for both is Friday 5th February.

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