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We are starting a brand new project called Fable Network News! Exciting ay? The aim of the project is to share with the theatre community, the opportunities that we hear about, but also about the amazing news that you have to share!

Even though times are tough right now in the theatre world, every day we are uplifted by the great projects that we see companies sharing on social media. So this is a show that is about celebrating all the amazing content that the theatre world is continuing to make.

We want to talk about companies that have upcoming opportunities, organisations that are offering funding, we want to help creatives find collaborators for their next big idea! We wanted to have a space where all of this can be centralised, a place where we can discuss it, and have a laugh while we do!

Our news isn't going to be deadly serious, we want to talk about all the good stuff coming out from our industry, and share the ways that more people can get involved with it! So if you have something, head to to tell us, so we can share it with our network!

We want to create a community where everyone is sharing the opportunities that they hear about. We believe passionately about collaboration and that starts by sharing the projects we hear about with everyone we can. So after the stream, we would love you to share the projects you hear about with other people in your network, or send them to our site so they can get all the information right here! Each week we will post all the opportunities we discuss on our site so you can get more information. Alternatively you can sign up to our mailing list to get the video and information straight to your inbox.

The first livestream will be on the 25th November at 5.30pm. You can watch it right here on our website at or you can watch it on Facebook or our Youtube channel. Links to which are also on our website. We hope to see you there!

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